Our Puppets

Our digital puppets are simply computer programs which display spooky characters on the screen, which you can control with your keyboard.

Place them behind a scrim, or in a window, add a sound system, and you have an interactive attraction that your visitors will be talking about long after they leave. (Confused? See it in action!)

Mirror Mirror Customer Favorite
Mirror Mirror is a ground-up revision of our original Magic Mirror puppet with a high resolution model, appearance customization options, and an easy-to-use console interface.
Yorick Yorick is our second-most popular puppet, a customizable spooky skull puppet with many personalities. He can be a pirate, an undead king, a demon, or just his personable self. $15
Gordo Gordo is a two-faced pumpkin spirit with a happy side and an evil side for age-appropriate interactions with visitors of all ages. Creep out the older kids while keeping it cheery for the little tots! $15
Frosty Frosty is a jolly, happy snowman with plenty of holiday cheer to charm the big red pants off of the most Ebeneezer of Scrooges. Great for winter festivals and Christmas pageants. $15
Mirror Mirror is the original ImaginEERIEing digital puppet, the one that started it all. It's also our budget prop, offered for free for all home haunters to use. Perfect for creating a "Magic Mirror" effect from fairy tales. Free