A chilly breeze, a clap of thunder!
Who's the fool who disturbs my slumber?

If you want to build something like our magic mirror prop but want to give it a more evil, sinister edge, why not use Yorick, our new skull-headed digital puppet?

only $15

Try the demo

Please try before you buy! The demo is fully-featured, with only a watermark, so you can find out if the puppet will work for you before you drop a single dime on it.

Mac Demo 2.2.cs Windows Demo 2.2


Yorick Screenshot

If you are having trouble with resolution or color issues, you can hold down Option (on Mac) or Alt (on Windows) when launching the puppet to see a resolution picker dialog. This is useful if the puppet is selecting the wrong resolution by default (say, if it is causing display issues, or is preventing mirroring to another screen).

Other haunts using Yorick

Zoltar at Playboy Mansion
Photo for Zoltar at Playboy Mansion
"Packy" wrote to tell us he used Yorick in a really cool cabinet for a party at the Playboy Mansion. Check out the video! More...
Fremont Haunted Cemetery
Photo for Fremont Haunted Cemetery
Chris used Yorick to put a spooky spin on the Wizard of Oz with an impressive-looking throne room. More...
Brent's Front Door Haunt
Photo for Brent's Front Door Haunt
Brent greeted his guests with a cool pirate-themed facade using Yorick, complete with a pirate booty chest! Looks like it was a lot of fun! More...
Grouchy Haven
Photo for Grouchy Haven
The Perron Haunt has used both the Magic Mirror AND Yorick in their home haunt. Check out the cool facade and the behind-the-scenes pics on their web site. More...

Did you use this effect in your haunt and want to show it off? Let us know about it and we might feature your haunt right here!

Version History

For the 2012 haunting season, Yorick underwent a complete rewrite because the 3D framework we were using (Adobe Director) has apparently ceased all support for modern operating systems. As a result, the feature set for version 2.0 and 1.3 is drastically different. Some new features are in, some features have been dropped. Overall, we think the new version is more streamlined and easier to use, but if one of the features you liked from the old versions is key to your haunt, you can download old versions below - they should all work with your serial number.

The most notable change is the fact that we dropped support for the microphone and scripting input types. You can achieve the scripting input type of control by just doing a performance while using screen capture software like Snapz Pro, since computers are generally more able to deal with video capture now than they were when we first introduced the feature. The microphone input, however, cannot easily be reproduced, but this was by far the feature which caused the most difficulty for our users, requiring many last-minute support emails on Halloween day. Considering this mode of input also results in the least convincing performance (due to many factors), we have removed it from all versions of our puppets going forward. If you require microphone input for your project, please use one of the older versions, but note that we can no longer support this deprecated feature.

Version 2.2.cs
Same as version 2.2, only codesigned for playback on OSX Mavericks+.
Mac Demo 2.2.cs
Version 2.2
Fixes an issue with the 2.1 release that still did not save registration information.
Mac Demo 2.2 Windows Demo 2.2
Version 2.1
Addresses a bug which could cause Yorick to not save preferences and registration information. Added a "quit" button to the preferences window.
Mac Demo 2.1 Windows Demo 2.1
Version 2.0
Complete rewrite, including new models, migrating to the Unity platform.
Mac Demo 2.0 Windows Demo 2.0
Version 1.3
Stability enhancements.
Mac Demo 1.3 Windows Demo 1.3
Version 1.2.1
Addresses sluggish performance playback bug in 1.2.
Mac Version 1.2.1 Windows Version 1.2.1
Version 1.2
First public release
Version 1.1
Added pirate ornamentation.
Added backdrop support.
Attempt to fix font issue on Windows.
Initial demo release