Our Digital Puppets in Action

This is the original Mirror prop in action on its debut year. The first part of the clip shows what it actually looked like under normal light conditions. The rest of the clip consists of sample interactions with trick-or-treaters shot with 'night-vision' due to the low light conditions. (Unfortunately, the night-vision reveals the outline of the computer monitor, but this was not visible to the visitors.)

This video shows the first couple of trick-or-treaters we encountered, so the puppeteering is a little unpracticed. However, at the end of the clip, it demonstrates a fun way to stall for time while you're waiting for the fog machine to warm up again. (The little girl ended up singing 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' for the mirror, which was a crowd pleaser for everyone in line.)

What Others Are Doing

Visit the Friends of ImaginEERIEing page to see what other people have done with our products and ideas.


Below are some testimonials from home haunters who have used our digital puppets.

Dave Tryzenski

Photos of Pulpscrypt's Gordo

"Just wanted to drop you a note about our use of your Gordo puppet for the local "Trail of Treat's" event held annually for children and adults with severe disabilities of Northeastern Pennsylvania! (It fit the bill perfectly; spooky but not scary) and drew rave compliments from everyone.

"It was especially popular with the TOT crowd and news crew... (The host couldn't wait to interview a pumpkin for Halloween!)

"I carved a collapsible (everything actually fit in the trunks and backseats of two standard cars) kiosk out of foam and had to rebuild it on the spot. While many of the crowd were nervous at first, quite a few were glad to chat a bit with "Jack." :)

"It was 7 foot high, but each wall broke down into pieces no larger than 4 x 3 foot. The NEPAMagic association sign was where we distributed glow bracelets from, but many of the children were leery of taking one when they noticed "the hand" distributing them! :)

"We entertained almost 600 at the event, it was one of my favorite Halloween events ever, and one of the most popular areas of the "Trail."

"Very Cool and thanks again!"

- Dave Tryzenski

Steve Griffith

Photos of Steve's Mirror

"Greetings and thank you for all the work you've made available to the average home haunter. I have to say that the sight of that floating green face at the end of my sidewalk was a thrill for all ages. We had little ones that were in awe of the magic of speaking to someone trapped in a mirror, teenagers amazed by the technology, and parents that couldn't believe anyone would go to such lengths for a couple of hours of fun one night a year...

"We live just off campus of the local college so it's not unusual to have bored students come out for some fun. We had one young lady come strutting up the walk with a very stylish hand bag, high heeled boots and scarf combo. I announced "and here comes America's Next Top Model"! She was amazed and asked how we knew what she was. I said simple, I'm the Magic Mirror. It was a great night."

- Steve Griffith

Mike Craghead

"Howdy! Just wanted to drop you a line and say "thanks" for your Magic Mirror digital puppet.

"I work at an elementary school, and we have a Halloween Bingo Night every year. It's a free event for families, where we play a bingo game with spooky clues, and give away toys and such to the winners. Usually it's the Friday before Halloween, and everybody wears a costume.

"This year, task of reading the clues fell to me. So, I hooked up a laptop to a nice big TV mounted on a cart, covered it in black plastic so only the screen was showing, and hid behind a big plywood panel with a microphone plugged into a PA with the bass cranked and lots of reverb...

"Worked great! The face wound up being a few notches larger than life-size. It went over big with everybody, and I had fun with the puppetry. "

- Mike Craghead