Other Effects

This page shows some other cool things you can do to spice up your Halloween season. If you use any of our ideas or plans for your haunt, tell us about it and we'll feature you on our friends of ImaginEERIEing page.

Photo of Magic Mirror Facade

Facade for your puppet

Here are some instructions for building a facade for your digital puppet, based on our original designs from the first presentation of the Magic Mirror effect.

Includes a detailed description how we built it.

Photo of the Crypt of the Phantasm

Crypt of the Phantasm

One of the staples of the home haunt community is the Flying Crank Ghost, a brilliantly simple little ghost marionette developed by the cool dudes over at Phantasmechanics.

Our contribution to the Flying Crank Ghost tradition is our set of detailed plans for building a crypt to house your own Flying Crank Ghost.